Selfie Sunday probably the only picture you’ll get of me. All dressed up for church.


I really wish I was better at photo editing but truth be told it frustrates me like no other. I research videos, read the manual and things still don’t come out how I want them. It’s a shame really because I feel like it shouldn’t be this difficult. I’m almost a pro at video editing (exaggerating a little) any-who enough about my frustrations. And I also reblog stuff from my secondary blog, yeah…I’m lame, but I know I’m not the only one. Well enjoy your day and love life.

Defiantly fell a little bit better now…

Interview with Oritasho
The other day I had the privilege to interview Oritasho. It was a complete honor to interview Oritasho especially since I look up to her. Her work is incredible and if you haven't checked out her work you totally should.
YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/user/Oritasho
Tumblr: http://oritasho.tumblr.com
Me: how did you get your start in creating custom content? Was it out of necessity or want?
Oritasho: Well, I kind of just started because I did want to try and make my sims more my own, instead of using other peoples custom content to make them. Yes i still do use others CC, but for the face part, which is something I focus on, I try for the most part to only use my own and or make what I need for a specific sims.
As well as I did want to make things for when I made my sims movies.
Me: Are there specific items you enjoy creating more than other? What are they and why do you find it so appealing?
Oritasho: I've been told the eyes on my sims are a real main focus in alot of my stuff, so I do tend to make alot of eyes (probably a new set every 2 weeks...) I like to try and give life to my sims if I can...Lips, I think is another thing I put alot of focus on, though pores/scars are probably my fav thing to make
Me: Where does your inspiration for creating come from? Media, fashion, your own life?
Oritasho: Photos, nature? Human features in general. Manga sometimes, it really depends on what your referring to...
Me: What aspects of Machinima creating do you really enjoy?
Oritasho: Hmmm, I think finding the right voices to bring the characters to life, and designing them.
Me: As a content creator/film director what is some thing you used to struggle with when you first started out? Is is still some thing you struggle with?
Oritasho: With cc, it was the coloring, I had no idea how to make the coloring in my eyes and others more natural.
Making original looking sims (I still struggle with that).
Me: Are there certain story lines/ genres that you tend to enjoy more when writing/filming?
Oritasho: Alot of "Taboo" stuff, like rape, incest, drugs, just the shittier aspects of life you see people sweeping under the rug like its not there. I'm not cynical, but I don't believe in happy endings, because we dont live in fairy tales.
Me: Which series that you’ve created do you like most?
Oritasho: Probably The Bitter End, its a pain in the ass, but I love the cast, I love the sims, it just takes me some time, because I have a set idea of how I want everything to look/play out, and its very very hard to do.
Me: Are there any Machinima creators you look up to?
Oritasho: Lodelday
Me: do you have a project you would like to redo completely/recreate a bit differently?
Oritasho: Some times I wish I could do back and redo some music videos, and The Bitter ends first episode, I feel like it was poorly done and should have been better.
Me: Finally, for those who aspire to create Machinima, what’s one tip you can give them?
Oritasho: Be orignal? Try out new things, don't be scared to try, and never feel like your cc isn't good enough, even if only one person enjoys [my stuff], then that's good enough for me :) Not everything has to be perfect.


Snapshots from the game unedited.

1st: Fuzen

2nd: Kai

3rd: goup photo

4th: Hisoka

The characters here are the main characters of my new mini series, which, I don’t have a title for. More photos to come.


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Hello everyone, We (Jared & Gabby) are hosting our 7th annual giveaway. We love doing giveaways for you guys! They’re always so fun, and we love making someone’s year by giving them tons of items for FREE! so we’re at it again! These items are mostly brand new except a few which are in great condition, and have only been slightly used, being bought for us, or bought for the giveaway by us. This giveaway will end on exactly MARCH 29th 2014. We do not accept bribes, or pick people. The random generator we have coded will choose the winner. We will try to answer all questions that this post does not. p.s. our previous urls were snuggle and drinken.




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That’s it. That’s the flavor I’ve been looking for.

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Interview with Oritasho
The other day I had the privilege to interview Oritasho. It was a complete honor to interview Oritasho especially since I look up to her. Her work is incredible and if you haven't checked out her work you totally should.
YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/user/Oritasho
Tumblr: http://oritasho.tumblr.com
<p> <a href="http://simplexsimsproductions.tumblr.com/post/75316345331/interview-with-oritasho">Read More</a></p>

Anonymous asked: Hey Skell! I was wondering if you could recommend any stories? (or maybe legacies, perhaps?) I know you made a list not too long ago in 2013 of ones you'd recommend, but I thought perhaps you came across some new ones. Thanks!


Definitely check out and give some love to these talented simmers:

Happily Ever After (based on ABC’s Once Upon a Time series)

(Un)Pleasantview (another Maxis prequel story with lots of fun worldbuilding)

Simnation: A History (a period piece with Maxis characters)

Sims 2 Bustin’ Out (inspired by the Bustin’ Out game itself of course)

And Insanesimblr’s new mystery story, Simlish Scandal

My friend Holley doesn’t exactly have a story, but she does some ongoing storytelling when she posts pictures from her game, which I quite enjoy. You can find that here. I’ll also tag all of the above in this post so you can find their simblrs. :)

ETA: Oops forgot to mention The House of Fallen Trees :) Gotta love anything Tricou related!

Anonymous asked: sweetheart i mean this in the nicest of ways but that post is kind of really offensive and triggering :< can you please not talk about bulimia in that manner?


Bulimia, is a problem

Anorexia is a problem

Rape is a problem

Molestation is a problem

Child abuse is a problem

Racialism is a problem

Obesity is a problem

All these things (and more) when spoken about, can be considered offensive to talk about; The reason there is so much tip toeing around these problems, is because everyone says “hush hush, lets not speak of it.”

I grew up in a family where every problem was swept under the rug and never spoken about, weather it be in a positive and constructive manner, or a joking one.

And from personal experience, that is worse, because then no one can see when there is a problem, like yes Bulimia and Anerxia, Obesity (which i grew up with, along sick people who used alcohol, recreational drugs and prescription) Maybe if my parents would have spoken to me about it, I would have realized much earlier in life that I needed to be healthy and at a good weight like I have now.

When something is shunned from the eyes and ears of others, so no one can see it, hear it, know that it is a problem, weather that problem is to be poked fun at in the least harmful of ways, or spoken in a serious manner, then thing will never change, there will never be a complete understanding of it, because no one wants to talk and address it.

If you have a problem with Bulimia and have taken offense, I will not apologize, because I was not being offensive, I was saying how, I as a person, could never be able to do that, after experience the act myself. I did not say, that the act is stupid, that those who do it are lesser or pathetic, I simply said I feel sicker, and that meant, because of the stress it did to my stomach, not that I feel like a sicker human for having done it.

People should loosen up, growing up, when I watched movies heard people talk about over weight people, weather it be helpful or negative, I never took offence, before they were speaking of a disorder people have, not I as the person with it.

I think Bulimia is disgusting, but I don’t think the people who do it are. I think they need help, and hopefully can find it. But once again. I’m not going to apologize. You have every right to speak your mind without fear, just as I do.